Kwamie Liv ‘Pleasure This Pain’ Ft. Angel Haze

Kwamie Liv

Hailing from Copenhagen, a city known for its sharp style KWAMIE LIV emerged in a cloud of mystery last year with her debut EP Lost in the Girl. Teaming up with American rapper and songstress Angel Haze she has dropped ‘Pleasure This Pain’ as a teaser for an EP due out later this year.

Teaming up with as always with Baby Duka on the production side of things ‘Pleasure This Pain’ began in a late night studio session. Wanting to create something that was both direct and sensual with a raw side, Kwamie Liv explains the songs strength comes from the balance she and Angel Haze have, who she explains as “the most magnetic, strong and fearless creatures” she knows.

The track opens with the sounds of an electric organ and simple percussion. As a secondary, electronic, beat comes in, things get a bit more obscure, sometimes jarring. More and more different sounds emerge, complimenting the smokey vocals performed by Kwamie Liv. As the sounds become more unpredictable the track transforms slowly revealing itself for the true piece of electronic music it is. Angel Haze adds a grungier side with her rap. The two have a magnetic collaborative sound, not dissimilar to the vibe Kwamie Liv appreciates Angel Haze for.

Angel Haze has been one busy beaver in August, releasing a different track each week including ‘Pleasure This Pain”. You can check her out on Soundcloud.

Keep an eye out for Angel Haze’s upcoming EP launch. We don’t know much about it yet but no doubt Baby Duka will be involved.

‘Pleasure This Pain’ is out on iTunes.

Words by Madeline Kilby 






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