Madeline Kilby

Over caffeinated weirdo who knows the meaning of eclectic music tastes because of Sister Act II. I’ll accept just about anything, except for that one Snoop Dogg album where track seven gives me a headache.


Shapeshifter on standing the test of time, and never hating on pop

Chatting to SHAPESHIFTER’s Sam Trevethick a few things really stood out.


Broadway Sounds ‘Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting’ at your door

BROADWAY SOUNDS may only have three members, but their latest track ‘Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting’ sounds more like music created by a 40 strong Afro Beat band complete with choir of vocalists and rhythmic dancing.


Nutrition is telling you ‘These Days Don’t Exist’

We like to say we called it when we named NUTRITION an artist to watch in 2016.


Get your Nutrition right to go on a ‘Space Odyssey’

Hailing from the hinterland around Byron Bay, there is something very mystical about the music of Nutrition that kind of reminds you of the landscape he grew up in.


Francesca Gonzales is dishing out some brooding bits of ‘Hope’

If you are into the secret, yet brilliant, finds you can discover roaming around Melbourne gigs then you better discover FRANCESCA GONZALES pretty soon, because she isn’t going to stay a secret long.


Mezko share glittery, stylish video for “Trust”

MEZKO is a Sydney duo creating some dark and synthy magic.


Take a trip into the ‘Morning Light’ with Slowz and Clarens

‘Morning Lights’ is a sensual little track straight out of Paris.


No Way Back teams up with Le Youth for ‘Back2life’

LA Based NO WAY BACK is known for being a touch reclusive, however he has joined forces with old mate LE YOUTH and steamed ahead on the track ‘Back2Life’, a track, which, dare I say it, is definitely a “summer banger”.


London Topaz isn’t the kind of beat to ‘Let You Go’

A relative newcomer to our ears, LONDON TOPAZ is paving a way down Melbourne’s streets, and if the latest offering ‘Let You Go’ featuring vocalist JANEVA is anything to go by, those streets may soon be the insane pathways of the world’s stage.


Anna Of The North takes ‘Us’ on

Hailing from Oslo, a city that doesn’t often get enough attention, ANNA OF THE NORTH is a duo that creates music best described as fascinating.


Who can, Two Can, and they will be ‘Holding On To You’

Anyone from Melbourne knows that the city is teeming with legendary musical talent, and we aren’t at all biased about it.


Promises LTD have put on their ‘American Eyes’

You may or may not be aware that Chrome Sparks and Miniature Tigers had a love child and called it PROMISES LTD.