Tei Shi ‘See Me’ (Official Video)

Tei Shi See Me

If a travel company ever wanted tips on how to create a legitimate, non-lame, alternative tourist video on why visit Bogota, they need look no further than TEI SHI’s clip for her latest release ‘See Me’ off her EP Verde.

Tei Shi aka Valeria Teicher defines herself as a maker of ’mermaid music’. She certainly ticks all the boxes for mermaid criteria with beautiful, ethereal and a little bit mysterious all oozing from this clip, directed by Dreamtiger.

Currently calling New York Home Tei Shi spent most of her childhood in Bogota, Columbia. The video for ‘See Me’ was filmed across both these locations paying homage to the clashing cultures of Tei Shi’s life, and everything that defines it.

Opening with a deep, bassy, intro the camera follows a girl as she walks through a beautiful green valley before she approaches a concrete like forest, which suddenly transforms to Ney York City with Tei Shi standing at the end and the cityscape just visible in the background. It is certainly a clashing of worlds but her figure provides softness in amongst the harsh concrete.

The song suddenly takes a new direction merging from urban sounds to a late night keyboard vibe. This is portrayed in the clip with a beach scene, something different again. From this point on as the lyrics of the song emerge you realise that each and every scene shows a painfully alone or invisible Tei Shi, no one is seeing her and as her lonely figure wanders it is as though she is screaming silently ‘See Me’.

It is striking that in the first half of the clip despite the often urban setting for scenes there is no one but Tei Shi’s lone figure. This highlights her more rural upbringing where despite there often being not as many people around you tend to feel more noticed than you may in a city of millions such as New York.

Slowly as people enter the scenes she is still a long figure, emphasising the notion of ‘See Me’, as no one notices her. The lyrics to ‘See Me’ say, “you never look at your surroundings”, giving us all the ever important message to look at the world around us, appreciate its beauty, and don’t get so caught up you don’t notice the people.

‘See Me’ is available now on iTunes.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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