Black Vanilla ‘Slug’

Black Vanilla

BLACK VANILLA have dropped their latest track ‘Slug’ down to earth, and for anyone who has heard their previous tracks – you’ll quickly realise that this one is very different on many levels.

Black Vanilla may not ring any bells for you, however the alter egos of its Sydney-based members might. Comprised of Marcus Whale, Jarred Beeler and Lavurn Lee; they are all known as a variety of other acts such as: Collarbones, DJ Plead, Cassius Select and Guerre just to name a few. The point of flashing all these names about is not to confuse you into thinking this is a full blown musical troupe rather than three dudes, but to point out they know what they are doing musically, and then some.

Premiered this week by Fact Magazine, ‘Slug’ features demonic, spoken, vocals. They are layered and manipulated to give the feel almost like that of a possessed character in a horror film. The track has a percussion base driving it forwards, creating a feel of both suspense and urgency. The track drops in and out of words that sound slightly more human, emphasising this possessed feeling.

Black Vanilla are currently working on their second mixtape, due out later this year. If ‘Slug’ is anything to go by, it will certainly be an interesting ride to listen to it.

You can stream more Black Vanilla work via Soundcloud.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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