We’re eagerly awaiting the new EP from Melbourne’s favourite electronic trio, I’LLS. They’ve spoken of the release for some time now, but there’s been no real word on when it’s coming, and that hurts.

It’s not all bad though, their 2014 two-track has been on repeat in clubs, bars and our office for months – and they’ve been working on a more immersive live performance. A performance that you might’ve caught a sneak of at one of their recent Melbourne or Sydney shows. I’lls have also curated the very first Good Manners Showcase, which is going down this weekend in Melbourne, where they’ll most likely be offering up a little more of that new EP.

So considering the boys don’t have anything new to share just yet, we got them to look over their collective Soundcloud feeds and tell us what they’re liking right now.

Lone ‘Pineapple Crush’

An older one from Lone. Showcasing his unique ability to create dance music unlike any other. An incredible back catalogue not filled with a dull moment.

Ramadanman ‘Glut’

An incredible sense of groove and composition. In ‘Glut’ we see Ramadanman‘s masterful ability to create engaging long form electronic music. His ability to build tension and in turn create movement as well as large dynamic shifts never ceases to impress.

Arabian prince in a UK world ‘The Feeling Of Being On A Diet’

Out on english label Tasty Morsels. This song as most of the artists on the label are all sonically influenced by Connan Mockasin. I believe in some cases they are even connected with him. Regardless, The music is incredible beautiful and worth a look.

Beak> ‘Mono’

Portishead‘s Geoff Barrow‘s Krautrock band Beak> is obviously inspired by the great kraut bands of the 70’s. However, he manages to really do something unique with what is essentially a homage project. The recordings are ridiculous, they all sound nothing short of incredible.

Jacques Greene ‘Arrow’ (Feat. Koreless)

Another really great collaboration. Both remarkable producers in their own right, their styles are so complementary and it all results in anthems like ‘Arrow’.

K. Leimer ‘Gisella’

Out on the amazing New York label Rvng International. K. Leimers music is heavily influenced by Krautrock bands Can, Neu and Fraust. A really fantastic reissue that Is a great example of lo-fi recording.

Nathan Fake ‘The Sky Was Pink’ (James Holden Remix)

One of the most incredible remixes ever made. James Holden takes Fake‘s song and elevates it to an entire other level. Holden, as he does with all his music brings a palette and language all of his own.

Altrice ‘Unarm (Ligament)’

Having remixed an entire Caribou album and being included on the Radiohead remix album it’s a surprise how unknown Altrice is. More rooted in hip hop than dance, Altrice is an incredible sampler whose music is masterfully conceived and executed.

Oscar Key Sung + Cassius Select ‘Wanna’

A truly incredible and unique collaboration. The fantastic conception and flow of the song is only to be expected from two of Australia’s best producers.

Mark Pritchard ‘Make a Living’

Pritchard‘s ability to switch between genres seamlessly is crazy. He can reference jungle to grime to dub all within four bars and you won’t raise an eyebrow. Mark Pritchard‘s music is always bold and always prolific.

You can catch I’lls headlining/curating the first Good Manners curated showcase series, at Melbourne’s Shadow Electric on Saturday May 2. The lineup will also feature Cassius Select, Good Morning, ASDASFR BAWD, Wabz and more. For more info and tickets – click HERE.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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