Asdasfr Bawd

It seems like 19-year-old Melbourne-ite Alex Clayton decided to choose an alias that was as far away from his given name as possible. Behold ASDASFR BAWD (pronounced ‘az-das-ah-fah bow-d’).

Although he’s only got two tracks to his name, they’ve both been released through Melbourne legends, Solitaire Recordings. They’re a label that understand what quality electronica is, and the project of just-out-of-high-school Clayton is exactly that. The perfect combination of 2015 dance influence and contemporary music knowledge, Asdasfr Bawd creates moody, emotive music that’ll keep you dancing.

We thought that as an introduction to the project, we’d ask Alex to show us some of his favourite influencers via this very Soundcloud Wrap.

Cliques ‘Aut’ (Oneman Rinse FM Rip)

Awesome unreleased track from Cliques, the Sydney based duo of friends George (Seekae) and Hamish. Really hope they release some stuff soon, their debut release on Aquatic Lab was a killer.

Jamie xx ‘Gosh’

Seriously can’t wait for this album. From his early two-track, Far Nearer/Beat For, to his most recent Girl/Sleep Sound, Jamie xx has been making huge waves in the UK scene. The first track ‘Gosh’ builds high expectations for the remainder of the album.

James Blake ‘40455’

Unreleased track that premiered on his BBC 1 Radio Residency last year. Interesting to hear Blake’s sound explore some new things. Hopefully this will be like some of the stuff on his next album (rumoured for this year??).

Ifan Dafydd ‘Celwydd’

Welsh electronic artist who was originally mistaken to be James Blake’s side project. Takes some of the cliche ‘post-dub’ formulas and explores everything within them. Hopefully some bigger releases soon.

Jacques Greene ‘1 4 Me’

Canadian artist who broke into the limelight with ‘Another Girl’ a few years ago. His sound has developed quite a bit since then, and ‘1 4 Me’ is an really beautiful extension.

2562 ‘Jerash Hekwerken’

Dutch producer 2562 is not that well known in Australia, but is a pretty big name over in Europe. This track is part of his Air Jordan EP, which specifically uses samples of traditional and ethnic instruments with a dubby twist. Works superbly.

DJ Paypal ‘You Got Me’

Hugely anticipated EP from DJ Paypal on Numbers very soon. Paypal’s original & unique take on footwork has caught international attention. Big stuff.

XXXY ‘Kerpow’

Smaller release from the UK’s XXXY. A classic example of his style and musical prowess. B side of this release is great too.

Midland ‘Reflex’

Big tune from another UK artist Midland, on the well-respected label Aus Music. Wonky stuff.

DJ Sprinkles ‘Grand Central, Part I’ (MCDE Bassline Dub)

First track that really got me into Motor City Drum Ensemble. Production on this just build and builds from the DJ Sprinkles original. Just a really amazing song.

Asdasfr Bawd‘s debut two-track, Nobody/Love, is out now via Solitaire Recordings. You can catch him playing as a part of the first Good Manners curated showcase series. The first showcase will be at Melbourne’s Shadow Electric on Saturday May 2. Curated by I’lls, the lineup will also feature Cassius Select, Good Morning, Wabz and more. For more info and tickets – click HERE.

Words by Tom Hutchins





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