LISTEN: Jagwar Ma ‘Uncertainty’ (Cut Copy & Charles Murdoch Remixes)


The brilliant thing about the advent of remixing is it has the ability to bring together some of the greatest artists we know. JAGWAR MA have become an extremely popular act across the globe since the release of their debut album Howlin‘.

The album features fantastically relaxed pop tracks like ‘The Throw’, that just make you want to sway along to the synth-coated melody and sing along with Gabriel Winterfield’s cooing vocals. Recently the band released a music video for one of their more delicate tracks ‘Uncertainty’ which was filmed in the middle of the Californian Desert by Dave Ma.

‘Uncertainty’ has very simple elements that create a strong melody when put together. The deeper synths that create the beat march on with the distorted vocals and harmonies and the sliding synths just tend to stand out amongst the collection of samples. It’s simple because it doesn’t include too many elements and shows that ‘Uncertainty’ definitely stands for less is more.

Months after Howin’ was released two revered Australian acts have decided to remix ‘Uncertainty’ for the tracks new remix EP, with each act giving it a new atmosphere that you probably wouldn’t have thought the single had beneath it.

The first of these comes from Melbourne trio CUT COPY, or more specifically by the band’s vocalist, Dan Whitford. CUT COPY have their own flavour of electronica which involves very digital synths that are blended together with tropical elements that make each track sound bright and fun. Whitford has brought the CUT COPY aesthetic to ‘Uncertainty’ by opening his remix with the band’s signature summery synths.

To hear the synths mixed with Gabriel Winterfield’s vocals is an all new experience. It’s a great mix of brooding vocals and bright beats that just turn ‘Uncertainty’ into a fluorescent jungle. The tempo is slightly faster in this new remix with the chorus having a wonderful breakdown that has light percussion helping build the track into  a wonderful tribal fiesta with synths bringing in the various modern elements. Dan Whitford’s remix is definitely a joy to listen to and it has given ‘Uncertainty’ a facelift that you never thought was possible.

The second brings yet another unexpected turn. Future Classic‘s star child CHARLES MURDOCH has taken the reigns this time around with more of a dream-like collection of synths emerging in the track. Opening with some light echoes, CHARLES MURDOCH‘s remix of ‘Uncertainty’ brings some cooling vibes to the table creating a very relaxed remix for those lazy afternoons.

The melody has been created with some very light synths that sound almost like a keyboard with elegance. The vocals, like Whitford’s mix, slide in nicely however this time, they have been slowed down to a calmer tempo. CHARLES MURDOCH’s remix is better for easy listening rather than a tropical dance party but that does not mean that it’s not fantastic, because it most certainly is.

JAGWAR MA‘s Uncertainty EP is out now digitally through Mom + Pop and you can purchase it through iTunes.

Words by Lauren Payne





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