WATCH: Jagwar Ma ‘The Throw’ (Official Video)


Since treating us with the infectious ‘Come Save Me’, psych-pop duo JAGWAR MA have been busy recording as they’ve just released their latest single, ‘The Throw’.

With vocals by Gabriel Winterfield, the result of the three dudes working on this track together is clearly nothing short of explosive. The dominance of the Winterfield’s fluctuating vocals leading the collaboration of guitars and dancey beats & samples ultimately leaves us with a giant track that truly pops upon every listen.

The vid that’s also just been released for the track may have been cut to a short three and a half minute version, but it still encapsulates the glory of the continuous acceleration that ‘The Throw’ exhibits.

Jiving on the rooftop, we watch the dudes throw their sounds right into the city air for all to enjoy.

Through the use of sepia tones and dark filters, as well as the digital shapes and colours that frolic all over the screen, the 90’s vibe that is felt from the tune itself is enhanced visually throughout the entire clip.

To be available in the UK and Europe on vinyl via Marathon Artists in late February, ‘The Throw’ is now available to purchase digitally from iTunes.

Words by Hannah Galvin



An avid fan of Sydney’s jazz and found sound scene, as well as eating peanut butter from the jar.