Passerine’s favourite songs to disappear into the desert to

Melbourne trio PASSERINE make music that refuses to be pigeonholed. Dark, otherworldly, pop-py but electronic, they continue to evolve with each release, adding just that little bit more every time to remain as rich and compelling as they can be. After a string of singles, the trio are now readying themselves for the release of their third EP, More Human, out next month.

If there is one thing Passerine are good at, it’s creating music you can get entirely lost in. Their songs wash over you, enveloping you in the sounds to take you somewhere else altogether. So, to get to know them a bit better, we asked the band to tell us about their other favourite songs to disappear into the desert to. Check it all out below!

Spirit of the Plains – PVT

(BM) PVT are great, they make interesting electronic music with such a great texture and tangible aesthetic, despite all the processing. This is the opening track to their latest album, and I think (going by the title) it’s riding on a similar vibe to our desert escapade intentions.

Transpose – Super Magic Hats: (PD) I listened to this album nonstop when I was driving through Northern Territory, it was the perfect soundtrack to early starts for long drives through the red centre – twinkly, spacious and beautiful work from our mate Rob.

Harps and Landscapes – Robot Koch

(BM) I’m a big fan of the label Project Mooncircle, and this comes from a 15 year anniversary compilation of theirs. Koch is sort of their big star I guess, and this is expert choppy electronic beats mixed with beautiful acoustic instruments and samples. Mankind’s tech meets nature, it’s our thing.

Nakamarra – Hiatus Kaiyote: (PD) I don’t think I’ll ever hear this song the same again, after listening to it while watching the sun set over Kata Tjuta. Such an epic jam from one of my favourite bands.

Today (feat Sui Zhen) – Tornado Wallace: (PD) This song just begs to be listened to with the windows down, on a long, empty road with no speed limit.

Saxony – Leon Vynehall

(BM) Vynehall makes cool groovy house music with a meditative aesthetic and rhythm. Some more harp strums and beautiful vocals, apparently that says big open plains to me.

Malukayi (feat Konono no.1) – Mbongwana Star: (PD) Suuuuuch an epic jam from the Congolese band. It’s literally impossible not to groove to this.

Bergschrund – DJ Shadow: (PD) This album had just come out before the trip, and distinctly remember putting it on somewhere between King’s Canyon and Alice Springs, as the late morning sun lit up the surrounding desert. It’s defs a “lose your license song”.

It Means I Love You – Jessy Lanza

(BM) Jessy somehow gets away with a slightly twee aesthetic that I would find grating from other artists, but this song is super simple and rewarding. It does have this rolling repetitious nature but then escalates to these quirky percussive samples that would have dancing in my car seat.

Knights – Pomrad: (PD) This song is just so goddamn funky. I would put it on any playlist, desert or no desert.

(BM) Yo I didn’t add this track but I just want to say fuck yeah Pomrad. Everything he does makes my nose wrinkle and my head nod.

Silhouettes (I, II & III) – Floating Points: (PD) The way this track builds is just insane and I absolutely love his use of acoustic drums with electronics. I love everything he does but this one just says long, empty road to me.

Wateva Will Be – A Tribe Called Quest

(BM) For the crusier parts of the journey, Tribe has your back and never lacking style nor substance. Their latest (and sadly last) album has been on repeat for me.

(PD) Werd.

Tempelhof – Huntly

(BM) Huntly are one my local favourites I just want to tell people about, emotionally intelligent electronic pop. Chill with the neo soul main hook then get hype for the surprise dnb flavoured outro.

My Love – Christopher Port

(BM) I’m starting to realise songs with a dramatic escalation seem to set well to grand landscapes. Christopher Port has incredible production and I really appreciate the simplicity in this song-writing idea, a euphoric rise.

Ride on Time – Black Box: (PD) Every playlist needs at least one 90s house track with a killer hook and this would have to be one of the best ever. Clear your throat. Sing like no-one’s listening.

Perseus – Ghost Culture

(BM) The recent Ghost Culture EP really caught my attention. I adore smart combinations of dynamic acoustic drum kit playing and quirky synthesizers. This one has beautiful melodies, articulation and production, rinse this while the sun rises or sets.

Open Eye Signal – Jon Hopkins: (PD) Chucked this on somewhere just outside Tennant Creek and despite having heard this tune a bazillion times, it took on a whole new meaning in the desert. Just. So. Damn. Good.

Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads: (PD) Does this one really even need an explanation?!

More Human is out June 8th.





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