PREMIERE: Passerine channel Ex Machina on ‘Synthetic Heart’


Melbourne electronic trio PASSERINE are back again with a broody release that’s bound to be on popular rotation in the club scene faster than you can say ‘Synthetic Heart’ and you know what’s even better? You’re hearing it first as we’re lucky enough to be premiering it for you today.

A dark, electro-pop track, ‘Synthetic Heart’ feels like that part of the night where all your friends who aren’t serious about their night out are going home, your drink count is higher and higher into the double digits and the music is getting deeper.

‘Synthetic Heart’ marks a slightly new direction for Passerine as they continue to build on their self professed “galactic soul breaks” sound. It also speaks of their interest in the crossover of organic and programmed elements – both instrumentally and lyrically as explained by lead vocalist Phoebe Dubar:

“One night after a gig, I was excited about this new track and so I stayed up late and drunkenly hummed out a few melody ideas – which I also recorded. Shortly afterwards, I watched a movie called Ex Machina, and it really spoke to me. I loved how it explored artificial intelligence, man vs machine and that balance between natural and digital worlds – without giving the plot away, the imagery in that movie really inspired me to write the lyrics”

Dubar‘s rich, vibrant vocals are set against scratchy, rhythmic synths and contrasted yet again with soft, soaring pad sounds. It is an example of the darker side of pop done right, with a strong dynamic range that ends in a crescendo of contrasting sounds that compliment one and other so well, which simply has to be heard to be believed.

‘Synthetic Heart’ is available now from iTunes and on Spotify, and for a limited time you can also score a free download via Passerine’s SoundCloud.

Words by Cailey Moroney





Future international rockstar and current music student, Cailey spends most of her time deciding whether or not she should buy Subway and purposefully trying to look as scary as possible so no one will sit next to her on public transport.