Get lost in the deep wilderness with Julietta

Some people might say music is born from what’s inside you, and some people would tell you it’s born of your surroundings, but New York artist JULIETTA has mashed both together in her latest work.

After enduring about as much winter as one person can take living in New York, yearning for a wilder environment she took to the beaches and tropical rainforests of Central America in search for inspiration. After three hours of meeting her collaborating producer for this piece, LA local JACK GOODMAN had agreed to go and get lost in the unforgiving landscapes of Nicaragua with her.

The environment must have offered a much needed release for Julietta and Goodman because the finished product that is ‘Beach Break’ encapsulates the Nicaraguan atmosphere with a very off kilt, native guitar riff covered in summer house accents. The song begins with said riff making awkward time, all until Julietta breaks her silence and brings it all together.

With a vocal similar to Australian songbird VERA BLUE, Julietta fully expresses absolutely every emotion you’d expect to come from the Nicaraguan rainforests; a nature soundtrack sits in the background of the track while she sings and the digital supplements Goodman uses to keep these emotions relevant in society is a masterstroke.

The way the NY artist understands her craft, and responds to spontaneity in a way only very few can, is a breathe fresh air from all the pre-programmed patterns and cold harsh audio samples we know to be electronica for the most part. Julietta has continued the legacy of keeping the human essence alive in popular music.

I truly hope her and Goodman keep working in this fashion, for if this is the beginning of what they’re capable of, I never want to see the end.

Words by Steve Copp