AIYA take ‘Go’ into another dimension with their new clip


Melbourne duo AIYA dropped ‘Go’ a little while ago, and have now backed it up with a the perfect video to compliment the unusual array of sounds and beats.

Anyone from Melbourne will be filled with a sense of recognition for the backdrop, which is the infamous Victorian State Library, however in this video it seems to have taken on a more gothic appearance. It suddenly becomes a huge and haunting space as it slots in with the jolting sounds and movements of ‘Go’.

The minimalistic sound of ‘Go’ is mirrored in the video, directed by Claidoa Sangiorgi Dalimore (and filmed by Good Grief Productions). Nothing is over-styled; the only thing that is exaggerated is the movements by the characters, as they play out an emotional tale of lovers parting ways.

As the couple begin to argue, you can ever so slightly hear their angry words over AIYA’s track, taking the video into it’s own dimension, and not just visuals to accompany the track. It’s not exactly a warm and fuzzy video, but it is certainly beautiful in its own special way.

Words by Madeline Kilby





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