Yumi Zouma take Japanese Wallpaper into a dreamland for their ‘Forces’ Remix


The extremely gifted Yumi Zouma crew have taken Japanese Wallpaper‘s ‘Forces’ turned it into another completely gorgeous track.

The original is full of synths and slow beats; this combined with Airling‘s angelic voice makes it a slow good-vibe jam. Yumi Zouma took that vibe and gave it some more umph in slowing it down.

The remix is that good, it could make you feel like walking on clouds. Comparing the two tracks seems pretty weird, as if you take away the lyrics and vocals, it is like listening to two entirely different creations. And that really doesn’t happen that often.

Not only has he dropped one sick remix, Gab Strum has also used this opportunity to reveal a deluxe remix EP.

The EP will see previously released remixes; such the master stylings of Sable, (who mixed up ‘Between Friends’) and UV Boi, who flipped the track ‘Waves’ – PLUS Not to mention the fact the likes of Anatole, Elkkle, Grynpyret, Foxes In Fiction and Ceres all coming together to flip the EP. Could it sound anymore appealing?

If you are a diehard fan of Japanese Wallpaper, you can catch him at Laneway Festival and if you want a copy of your own of his insane music, the Deluxe EP comes out on Friday, January 29, 2016.

It would be wise to get your hands on this ASAP.

Words by Molly Wilson