Arca ‘Sheep’


It’s been a big couple of years for Venezuelan producer ARCA. A mysterious figure in the world of experimental electronic, the Bjork, Kanye collaborator is coming out of the shadows and into his own.

He dropped the hauntingly original Xen LP last year and was responsible for some of FKA Twigs’ breakthrough success. ¬†But like Kanye, it seems like he’s just not content penetrating the music world, and is looking into fashion for artistic exploration.

Ingenious label Hood By Air has been a trail blazer for high fashion street wear. Headed by young upstart Shayne Oliver, HBA have injected the fashion world with a gritty ghetto inspired perspective – a diverse discourse that is so often missing from the world of white dominated fashion.

A complete innovator, it is not wonder he and ARCA have joined forces – with Arca producing ‘Sheep’ for HBA’s 2015 Menswear collection catwalk. It’s a perfect collaboration, with Arca’s futurist industrial soundscapes completely pairing with the goth street aesthetics of HBA.

‘Sleep’ is a 16 minute magnum opus that whilst ¬†characteristically Arca, holds many strange, scary and thrilling turns. It’s a song that refuses to stick to any formula or song structure, but it’s all the better for it. Whilst the words “It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before” gets thrown out more often that it should, it’s definitely a phrase that applies to ‘Sleep’.

It’s got everything – ranging from sheep barks, to gospel choirs to sped up jungle beats. All in an exhausting, transfixing sixteen minute time frame. Yeah sure, it’s not the kind of thing you want to hear at parties (it would certainly put a downer on things), it’s the kind music that demands thought and reflection.

Aphex Twins should watch out, because Arca seriously looks to become the new king of out there, innovative electronic music.

Words By Isabella Trimboli