Paces on ‘Gold Coast’s Top Shady Zones’


Yes, he’s back again. Our interest in PACES (Mikey Perry) here at Purple Sneakers is becoming borderline obsessive, nevertheless we still pursue. This time he’s giving us an insight into his favourite Gold Coast hot spots in conjunction with PRETTY SHADY.

Pretty Shady is about changing attitudes and instilling new beliefs to adopt sun safe behaviour… and looking good whilst doing it. The Gold Coast is well known for its heaving theme parks and glamour beaches filled with hordes of sun-worshipping tan-seekers, but what people don’t know is that there’s so much more to it and who better to show us round than local legend PACES.

Even though he lives right by the beach, he doesn’t spend his days melting in the sun, no, he likes an early morning beach session with his dog Chilli and kicking back with good food and drinks in places with a bit of character and edge.

How Mikey Perry hasn’t developed a God complex by now is beyond us, from his work with Surecut Kids to the creation of ‘Paces’ in which he ventures into deeper, tropical infused future beats sound – we bow down to him.

Take a look at Paces guide to the Gold Coast:


1. Etsu Izakaya.

“This is my fav restaurant/bar on the coast. If you’re into Japanese food and whiskey, you absolutely must try this place. For best results sit at the front bar, order a Nikka From The Barrel and one of their tap beers, and order some crunchy soft shell crab. You will not be disappointed.”


2. Tallebudgera Creek. 

“I live really close to the beach so most mornings I’ll head across the road and take Chilli (my dog) for a play and a swim before starting my day. But sometimes if the beach is too windy you’ve gotta find shelter in a river mouth. There’s one on either side of my place and they’re both absolutely beautiful. Tallebudgera creek is the closest one so I always end up hanging out there if I’m spending the day with Gabi and Chilli. It’s like stepping into a postcard.”


3. The Cambus Wallace.

“This is a sweet little bar in Nobby Beach. It’s got dim lighting, heaps of character and a good amount of grit. I can’t stand it when bars are all polished and sterile, it’s like hanging out in a hospital. This place does it right. Last time I was there, Atticus Beats and I got drunk and talked about memes for hours. Apologies to our girlfriends.”


4. Tupe-Aloha.

“This is a rad little tiki bar in Kirra. It’s partially outdoors and has a really relaxed vibe, it’s a great spot to go on a Sunday afternoon. They’ve got ping pong, good food, and you can get a tallie in a paper bag, or a zany cocktail served in a coconut shell.”

5. Fingal Back-Beach.

“The south side of Fingal is magic. It takes about 15mins to get there from here and if the wind is northerly (which it pretty much is all summer) this is one of the few spots to seek refuge. This photo is from last Sunday. I had the rare chance to be home on a weekend so I took Gabi and Chilli down here.  It’s dog friendly, there’s often fun waves, and it’s pretty much exactly what I imagine heaven must look like.”

Words by Hollie Cunningham