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Artists To Watch

Artists to Watch in 2016: Grace Acladna

In the infinitely growing sea of talent, it is always hard selecting acts for our artists to watch feature, but GRACE ACLADNA is on our list.

Artists To Watch

Artists to Watch in 2016: MOTHXR

In pursuit of another outlet to express their creativity, Brooklyn 4 piece MOTHXR came together over a year ago, with the sole intention of playing music with no restraints or expectations.


Stahsi ‘Solo Hunter’

You may have already stumbled across STAHSI featuring on Airwolf’s ‘Lose the Lazy’ or prior to this LONDON’s ‘Window Washer’, however now his efforts are focused on creating his own pieces, with his first offering ‘Solo Hunter’.


AIYA ‘If I Could Get’

You know we like to be the spoon that feeds you fresh talent, and it’s even better when it’s from home ground – Australian newcomers (Melbourne to be precise) Ayten Ahmet and Felicity Yang, make up AIYA, and only a mere 4 days ago have put forward their first track ‘If I Could Get’, and it’s nothing short.


Burhou ‘Please Delete’

More London Duos seem to be slowly emerging at the moment, from HONNE to OH WONDER, and all seem to be bringing something new to the music market – the latest BURHOU are no exception with their new release ‘Please Delete’.


Our 7 Must Hear Collaborative Acts of 2015

With more artists fusing together their influences to create ever expanding genres and sub genres, the logical next step to perfect this and explore further into new realms of music, is for artists to share and collaborate their skills and together become a whole new act.

Hometown Guide

Hometown Guide: Nick Monaco on San Francisco

Edging into the scene through his affiliation with SOUL CLAP (the kings of the new age soul and funk) NICK MONACO has made quite a name for himself.


Total Giovanni ‘Can’t Control My Love’ (Official Video)

Despite only having 2 tracks to their name, we are fully confident, have never been more confident that TOTAL GIOVANNI are an act to be recognised, this is why we named them as one of our acts to watch for 2015.


To Be Frank ‘Let It Go’

Suffolk based TO BE FRANK has provided a number of winning EPs (3 to be precise, each as memorable as the last) and now we get a taste of new track ‘Let It Go’ to be the released on his debut full length album ‘U’, out on the 26th January.


Dirtybird Celebrate 10 Years With Epic Compilation

Since the birth of the label, DIRTYBIRD has been on a continuous upward spiral of success, a rare achievement witnessed amongst independent record labels.


Jimmy Napes ‘Give It Up’

London singer/songwriter JIMMY NAPES has been more of a behind the scenes guy, working with big names DISCLOSURE, SAM SMITH, JESSE WARE and MARY J.


Tropics ‘Rapture’

Introducing the title track ‘Rapture’ to the sophomore album from London boy’s Chris Ward aka TROPICS.