GodWolf ‘See It Through’ (Official Video)


Mebournites Joe Kosky and Tom Armstrong make up GodWolf, a contemporary electronic project known for it’s genre-bending, ethereal sound. The duo’s powerful single ‘See It Through,’ mixes the ambient with the brutal at times, treading a celestial path between hope and despair.

It is only fitting then that the accompanying video – a Frank Meets Wolf production – is just as breathtaking as the track itself. Shot on location in Alaska, the clip inspires with it’s clarity of visual expression, showing us snow-covered forests, frozen lakes and distant mountains against which the drama is allowed to unfold. Such beauty, both sonic and optic, is at once heartening and haunting.

The video brings the boys closer to the forthcoming release of their debut EP Throw an Ocean later this year, on which ‘See It Through’ will appear. This after the equally stirring single ‘Alone,’ it looks like 2014 could be a big year for GodWolf.

Words by Sebastian Henry-Jones