Jungle ‘Time’ (Official Video)

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UK outfit JUNGLE have operated under the ‘mystery act’ tag for a while now, still managing to work a bio that merely describes them as a core musical duo consisting of lifelong friends ‘J’ and ‘T’, with the pair expanding to a seven piece during live performances.

Though this hidden identity trait serves as a ‘let the music speak for itself’ mantra/promotional tool to most – if not a majority – of acts to emerge from the internet these days, the hot topic of JUNGLE‘s anonymity is (almost) forgotten whenever their fresh, sleek funk-pop tunes hit the ears of multiplying fans.

An upbeat affair, ‘Time’ carries on JUNGLE’s soon-becoming tradition of dance-led music videos, employing the use of two men, whom are both donning a specific sporting brand for a bit of subtle ad placement. Though each man dances on their merry lonesome in a lounge/seating area of the sort, they both magically meet as a super-illuminated doorway leads them into a hall where a dance off ensues.

With choreography that’s reminiscent of F.R.I.E.N.D’s Chandler Bing, or one’s dad determined to own the floor at a wedding reception, JUNGLE have got the infectious-pop down pat along with their easy-going fun videos.

Words by Alean Penaflor





Consumed by sweet melodies, Alean Penaflor suffers from muzak obsessionitis; the inability to see, think or hear anything beyond the realms of the music sphere.