Arthur Dazos, James Harvey, Henry Wells and Tom Birmingham jumped on a surfboard one day, plugged their jangly guitars into Summer and rode the sweetest wave you’ve ever seen. They go by the name DRIFFS and are definitely a band you’re soon to know and love come 2013 (if you don’t already).

Personally, I read their name as a combination of drifting in the ocean and guitar riffs. It pretty much sums up the band’s sound and vibe completely.

Self-described as “surf pop psychedelia (froth rock)”, the boys have the capacity to flood your ears with happiness through their dreamy guitars, gentle drums and heavenly vocals.

Their music could be the soundtrack to those Carona ads – “From where you’d rather be” – except Driffs would be playing for a better beer.

They released their single ‘Someday’ not very long ago (you can read more about that HERE) which has hit over 7,000 plays on their Soundcloud page.

They’ve gigged around Sydney, their hometown, playing venues like Oxford Art Factory, The Standard and the Annandale. They’ve also played at our Melbourne club CANT SAY, yieww.

Driffs’ music can be best compared to the sounds of Real Estate. That certain vagueness that Real Estate customs shines through the work of Driffs. It just pertains that desire to be in a better, more relaxed environment than the one you’re currently situated in. Thankfully for their tunes, they create this illusion that enables you to believe that you’re already in that better place.

Although they don’t have any shows rostered at the moment, jump on their SOUNDCLOUD or BANDCAMP and grab a copy of their tracks ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Ocean Sounds’ for free! Then play them a billion times while you wait in anticipation for them to announce a gig near you.

Words by Hannah Galvin.



An avid fan of Sydney’s jazz and found sound scene, as well as eating peanut butter from the jar.