LISTEN: Driffs ‘Someday’

After forming in a Surry Hills sharehouse, Sydney dudes DRIFFS couldn’t be arriving to the scene at a greater time. Their slacker surf pop tunes are to be making the final cut in Summer playlists nationwide. Think Real Estate with a splash of Surfer Blood and a dash of Dune Rats. If you’re a fan of any of these bands, read on!

Originally located from all over the East Coast, the housemates – Arthur, James, Henry and Tom – formed the band just this year. As a result of their musicianship, their tunes has proven to reflect a ray of dreamy, nostalgic vibrancy.

With lyrics like, “I just want to hear the ocean sounds”, you already know their music is going to mould comfortably in Australia’s climate.

Produced by Dean Tuza at Sydney’s REC Studios, the four piece have recently announced the release of their fresh single ‘Someday’ which will be available as a 7″ in the next coming months.

The sun-drenched, melancholic slacker pop bursts with breathy, reverberated vocals and twangy guitars that aim to please as they leave out all the careless, cliché guitar arrangements. A track that is simultaneously well-crafted yet effortlessly cool, ‘Someday’ is a perfect taste of what this surf, almost psychedelic pop band has to offer. It’s completely willing to sooth all your problems and uplift all your senses in as little as four minutes.

Before releasing the 7″, Driffs will be hitting the road with Bleeding Knees Club and Step-Panther throughout Novemeber up until mid-December.

I suggest you go and see them, I feel like these dudes will be going places.


Thursday, 8th November
The Standard, Sydney

Tuesday, 13th November
Moonshakes @ Flinders Hotel, Sydney

Friday, 23rd November
Supporting Bleeding Knees Club at The Standard, Sydney

Saturday, 24th November
Supporting Bleeding Knees Club at Transit Bar, Canberra

Sunday, 25th November
Supporting Bleeding Knees Club at The Lair @ The Metro, Sydney

Saturday, 12th December
Warehouse Party, Gold Coast

Words by Hannah Galvin, check out her street on POSSE.COM



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