LISTEN: Hand Games Mixtape

Abound with brilliant indie talent, Sydney legends and party purveyors HAND GAMES‘ first ever mixtape is a delightful little 12-track slice of current crop tunes. An exclusively local roster showcases some of the most outstanding young bands in the country, traversing a wide variety of genres and sounds in the process.

Personal highlights include HARPOONS ‘Walk Away’ and BLOODS ‘Goodnight’ (check out our review of the track HERE), but let’s not take away from anyone. The mixtape is a riot from start to finish. NAKAGIN mellows things out with some chilled grooves and hip hop beats, while FAIT ACCOMPLI do their trademark angular indie thing on ‘No Great Expectations’

HAND GAMES‘ mixtape is testament to the depth of indie music in the country at the moment and the guys should be applauded for supporting the music they do. Check it out for yourselves, its not one to be missed.

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Words by Dominic Sciberras



Growing up in a rural town in Tajikistan, I first discovered my love for music playing in a glam-bourine band called the Prosti-Dudes. Angelina flew me to Los Angeles where I opened an organic foods store and began playing the lute. Purple Sneakers were kind enough to hire me as part of their ‘Foster a Molester’ campaign and I have enjoyed the opportunity to write and contribute to their website.