LISTEN: Where Does THAT Sample Come From?

Sampling – it’s the reason most Daft Punk fans want to ring Kanye’s neck. It’s why your parents love Duck Sauce and it’s how artists like Fatboy Slim can produce such amazing ‘musical collages’…

Now everybody knows two things about Kanye; first, ‘everybody know he a motherfucking monster’ (har har) and secondly, he bastardized Daft Punk’s ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ by sampling the robotic vocal line and using it in ‘Stronger’. However, less people are familiar with the work of Edwin Birdsong, whose song ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ opens with a riff that will sound familiar to Daft Punk fans…

Of course the conspiracy doesn’t stop at Daft Punk. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone to a wedding reception or 21st… taken your liberties with the generous bar tab and got all sweaty on the d-floor to Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’ with your aunty… Ok maybe that was just me?

Regardless, another one of Boney M’s songs, ‘Gotta Go Home’ sounds like a particular track being played at a-lot of 16th birthday parties…

“I already knew that one!” you say? Well feast your ears on THIS catchy German folk song released 6 years earlier:

The real question is: Which one is the least torturous to listen to?

Finally, there’s a lot of excitement over Fatboy Slim being down in Australia at the moment for Future Music Festival (we’ve even taken a nostalgic look at our favourite music videos). I’ve always seen Fatboy Slim as the Quentin Tarantino of the music world- taking little bits and pieces from other works and combining them into a masterpiece of his own. There are pages and pages that could be written on different Fatboy Slim samples, but instead I’m going to end on my two favourites:

Words by Fuck the Radio.


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