FLASHBACK: Fatboy Slim – The Videos

UK dance legend FATBOY SLIM has had a very long and extremely enviable career that has spanned over 30 years, reaching the pinacle of his success with hits like ‘The Rockafella Skank’, ‘Praise You’ and ‘Weapon of Choice’.

We’re a little bit excited at the moment because he’ll be in Australia next week for the entire 2012 Future Music Festival Tour along with acts like New OrderThe Rapture, Aphex Twin, The Wombats, Azari & III, Alex Metric, Frank Ocean, Holy Ghost! and heaps more. Almost equally iconic to his list of huge chart smanging singles are the famous film clips that accompany them – here are some of my favourites.

One of my all time best-loved FATBOY SLIM tracks is 2005’s ‘Don’t Let The Man Get You Down’, which samples the opening line of the Five Man Electrical Band‘s 1972 single ‘Signs’. This video teaches you not to be a racist and to always look both ways before you cross a street…

A classic and a song I have heard probably over 5000 times in my life… ‘Praise You’. The Spike Jonze directed clip is nothing short of unique and features the ‘Torrence Community Dance Group’ busking outside a movie theatre in Westwood, California for a crowd of stunned on-lookers. Shot guerilla-style and with a budget of only $800, the crew bust out a 2 minute dance routine before a disgruntled theatre employee turns their boombox off and asks them to leave. They promptly turn the music back on and finish what they started. It ended up taking out Breakthrough Video, Best Direction and Best Choreography at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

This one speaks for itself… Christopher Walken dancing through the lobby of a hotel before diving off a balcony and flying around a room… say no more.

More info on the full Future Music Festival lineup HERE. Also catch Haylee Evans ‘Must See Acts’ HERE.

Words by Gabe Gleeson at WAX WAVES.



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