PREMIERE: Sparrows turns a new leaf with ‘Over & Out’

If you’re like us, turn-of-the-decade, bloghaus era music has a very special place in your heart. Combining live instrumentation with electro sensibilities, adding in a whole heap of infectious hooks and honing in on an almost primal instinct to move when you hear those pulsating beats and cacophony of sounds that create such an undeniable groove, this kind of electro-pop always makes you feel good and it’s this same kind of electro-pop that Sydney’s SPARROWS has shared with us today.

Entirely self-produced, her brand new single, ‘Over & Out’ marks a turning point for the fresh-faced artist. Having already hit number 1 on the Hype Machine charts and accrued over half a million plays for her previous singles, ‘Take My Heart Out’ and ‘Get To Know You’, she’s no stranger to releasing fantastic electro-pop, but ‘Over & Out’ feels different. Shaking things up, she channels the likes of HOT CHIP or SANTIGOLD with her percussive-focussed beats, and even ROBYN in her vocals, Sparrows turns a new leaf with ‘Over & Out’ and we’re 100% here for it.

Speaking on her new release, Sparrows said “The song is duplicitous in nature – it’s about the ending of a friendship but also the ending of any scenario/habit that no longer sits right with you.” 

“I was experiencing immense personal growth during the making of this song, and part of this process included the realisation that a number of realities I had been operating in were no longer conducive to me, so I called an over and out on them.”

Set to play a couple of shows throughout the rest of the year, we’ve got our fingers crossed there’s plenty more where this came from for Sparrows, but until then, ‘Over & Out’ will do us just fine!

19th October – Ottos House Party – Sydney NSW w/ San Mei
23rd November – Penny Black – Melbourne VIC

‘Over & Out’ is out now via Stoney Roads Records.

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones





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