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CANT SAY Feat. Alison Wonderland, Pigeon (Live) & J Heasy!

As always, CANT SAY promises to a helluva party on Friday 14th December, as we inch closer and closer to Christmas – which, let’s be honest, is just the excuse to end all excuses for getting loose and pashing your colleagues or other associates (however inappropes).


CANT SAY Feat. Sampology, Swick, Lewis Cancut & More

I think it’s safe to say we know how to throw a party here at Purple Sneakers.


CANT SAY featuring DJ Prequel, Cameras, Glass Mirrors

DJ PREQUEL as we know him, is quite simply the result of a record-buying addiction, a fear of hairdressers and a secret love affair between Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro.


CANT SAY featuring Drunk Mums, Polographia and Tranter