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WATCH: Savages ‘Fuckers’ (Live In London)

UK female-foursome SAVAGES have been tearing up stages left, right and centre with their gutsy, heavy-hitting, post-punk music.

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Top Five Picks For Laneway Festival 2014

It’s summer, all of your favourite events are beginning to unfold here in Australia and we couldn’t be more excited for this festival season.


ALBUM REVIEW: Savages ‘Silence Yourself’

“It’s music to break shit and fuck on the floor to,” said SAVAGES guitarist Gemma Thompson in a recent Pitchfork interview, as she and drummer Fay Milton attempted to characterise the band’s sound.


WATCH: Savages ‘Shut Up’ (Official Video)

Post-punk four-piece SAVAGES have been the talk of the London live scene for the best part of 18 months, captivating audiences with their intense stage performances.