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Willaris. K, Cosmo’s Midnight, The Kite String Tangle: The ten best songs of the week

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste.


WRLD distorts the ‘Light’ in San Holo’s latest single

You may have heard how much we loved SAN HOLO‘s latest track ‘Light’.


San Holo sees the ‘Light’ on his new single

Sometimes you can come across a musician who’s music sounds so perfect, you just can’t get enough.

Guest Mix

Listen to a San Holo heavy Guest mix from San Holo

It hasn’t been THAT long since we were introduced to SAN HOLO, making his debut in late 2014 with the COSMOS EP, but the producer has made a name for himself extremely quickly.


San Holo ‘Victory’ EP

Dutch producer SAN HOLO has had a pretty good 12 months or so lately, with his name rising to prominence in the national and international scene.


San Holo ‘Hiding’ ft. The Nicholas

As of yet, not much has been said in Australia about Dutch producer SAN HOLO but with an Australian tour in the making set to commence in 2015, there is no doubt that we’ll be hearing more from him in the next few months.