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Sam Weston delivers a rambunctious remix of Total Giovanni’s ‘Your Light’

Sydney producer Sam Weston has given Total Giovanni’s sensuous, Italo-disco track ‘Your Light’ a sexy house reworking, transforming the original’s ambient, evocative sound into a heady, six-minute, conga-pattern-driven bacchanalia.


Soothsayer get set to bring one hell of a party to Sydney

The term “tastemaker” gets thrown around a lot these days, but when we’re talking about label SOOTHSAYER, we mean it.


Enjoy a ‘Walk To 159’ with Alba’s latest track

‘Walk to 159’ is a melodic yet mechanical house track, meticulously constructed in what ALBA call their own studio/club house/private pool/urban utopia.

Top Fives

Top ten Australian tunes as chosen by Taxx’s Luen Jacobs + Giveaway

With a taste for electronica, dance, beats and ambient music, Sydney collective TAXX scout local artists who are powerfully forward-thinking, genre-bending and at times influenced by world music.


Sam Weston’s ‘Don’t Save Face’ scores an eccentric remix

South-London’s ROSS FROM FRIENDS not only has a penchant for incredible pseudonyms, but also intricate musicianship and punchy beats.


Sam Weston drops thirteen minutes of pure relaxation on ‘Don’t Save Face’

The other half of Sydney techno duo, Alba and the man behind his acclaimed Shiraz Voyager EP, Sam Weston has shared some exciting news this week with him joining tastemaker label Soothsayer, and releasing a thirteen-minute ultimate chillaxation track by the name of ‘Don’t Save Face’.