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Soundcloud Wrap

A ‘Fruity’ Mixtape from Club Cheval

It seems kind of weird to treat CLUB CHEVAL as a new artist.


The TBC Club ft. NLV Presents: International Edition + More

It’s been quite the year for NINA LAS VEGAS, what with her constant curation of heaps and heaps of really worthy projects.

Soundcloud Wrap

SoundCloud Wrap: Sam Tiba

Parisian man SAM TIBA has just released his sophomore EP ‘Samuel’.


‘Nina Las Vegas Presents: International Edition’ Australian Tour Announced

Nina Las Vegas Presents: International Edition is pretty self explanatory.


WATCH: Surkin ‘Oedo 606’ (Official Video)

Have you ever wondered what you look like on the inside.


LISTEN: Sam Tiba ‘The Saddest Show In Town’ EP

“I composed each of the four tracks of this EP in one day each.