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Dream team Riton & Kah-Lo are back again on spicy house banger ‘Ginger’

Club producer RITON and songwriter/vocalist KAH-LO are a potent combo.


Kah Lo’s ‘Fasta’ is one, non-stop musical marathon

From the opening seconds of KAH LO‘s heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, debut single ‘Fasta’, one gets the sense that the Nigerian-born musician isn’t here to play but to work, and to work hard.

Guest Mix

Riton Guest Mix for Purple Sneakers on FBi Click

Right on time (get it.


Riton ‘I Am The Whisper’ ft. Molly Beanland

RITON is building his back catalogue up at a rapid rate and now his latest single, ‘I Am The Whisper’, can now be added to it.


Riton ft. Meleka ‘Inside My Head’

Unchaining himself from his techno DJ description, London-based artist RITON has taken flight, releasing his first single as a producer/songwriter with ‘Inside My Head’ featuring the vocals of MELEKA.


Riton ft. Meleka ‘Inside My Head’ (Fake Blood Remix)

If you are a fan of FAKE BLOOD, chances are you were at one stage involved in some sort of underground dance rave scene.


Riton ‘The Same’ ft. Irfane

A lesson in European languages: the word RITON (pronounced ‘ree-ton’) is French slang for Henry—as in Rollins; Winkler; the fifth; the octopus or, if you happen to be  a world-renowned DJ, Smithson.


LISTEN: Beni ‘Love On The Run’ + Tour Dates Announced

Dance music stallion, BENI, returns to the national electronic scene with a new EP to be released later this month.