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Matt FX takes Richie Quake for a ride in his ‘Hesitate’ remix

Whether it be the golden co-worker who pumps out a work load you’d only dream of and somehow still having time for that spin class; or a distant Aunt that shows up to the annual family gathering with a pile of gifts and even bigger stack of stories; we’ve all got them, that one person that.


Richie Quake returns with a tranquil track entitled ‘Swan’

RICHIE QUAKE, the man who can move mountains, part fields and warp flora and fauna with his infectious, genre-crossing tracks and production.


Richie Quake doesn’t have to ‘Try’ in his latest release.

Producer, vocalist, songwriter and DJ, Richie Quake first entered the spotlight with an extensive stream of tracks that flooded the underground music scene in his hometown of Brooklyn.


Richie Quake releases new jam ‘Hesitate’

RICHIE QUAKE is a man of many talents – the Brooklyn based artist is a contemporary R&B / Pop songwriter, vocalist, and producer.


Richie Quake ‘Slow Down’ (Official Video)

RICHIE QUAKE has been making better and better – for lack of a more fitting genre – lo-fi pop over the past two years, and his latest track ‘Slow Down’ may just be his best yet.