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Rebel Yell on her new single ‘Night Drive’ & her next LP

Since releasing 2018’s industrial, acid-tinged Hired Muscle, Sydney-via-Brisbane’s Grace Stevenson AKA REBEL YELL has showed no sign of slowing down.


Rebel Yell gets her retrosweat on in her ‘Night Drive’ clip

What a month it’s been for Sydney’s REBEL YELL.


Rebel Yell on moving cities, sharing experiences & her 13 year old playlist

In case you haven’t noticed by now, Grace Stevenson AKA Rebel Yell is one of the busiest creatives in town.

Hometown Guide

Lowtide’s guide to the best of the best in Melbourne

Melbourne trio LOWTIDE create the perfect soundtrack for staring out a window.


Rebel Yell shows us she’s the ‘High Authority’ in new video

REBEL YELL, otherwise known as Brisbane gal Grace Stevenson, has been a rebel since her project’s inception, releasing heavy hitting instrumental electronic music on the label, Rice is Nice.


Rebel Yell heads to Iceland for hectic ‘Take Away’ clip

Prepare for the all-out assault that is Brisbane’s REBEL YELL.


Donny Benet and Kirin J Callinan ‘The Edge’ (Official Video)

Two of Australia’s most exciting and innovative artists, DONNY BENET and KIRIN J CALLINAN make one hell of a duo.


WATCH: Summer Flake ‘Drag You Down’ (Official Video) + Australian Tour Dates

Rice Is Nice’s latest signee SUMMER FLAKE has exhibited her track ‘Drag You Down’ in the form of a film clip.


ALBUM REVIEW: Summer Flake ‘You Can Have It All’

Stephanie Crase – the Adelaide gal behind indie-pop outfit, SUMMER FLAKE has just released her debut album as the latest signee to Aussie indie label, Rice Is Nice.


LISTEN: Seekae ‘Another’

The funny thing about winter is that many of our favourite acts either go MIA for a few months, or they go and tour overseas for all of their summer festivals and such.


LISTEN: Summer Flake ‘Blue’

From sunny Adelaide emerges SUMMER FLAKE, the indie-pop solo project of Stephanie Crase – the latest signee to Aussie label Rice Is Nice (also home to Seekae and The Laurels).


INTERVIEW: Julia Wilson, Rice Is Nice Records

RICE IS NICE is an independent record label based in Sydney.