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Eternal champion otherworldly club music on their ETERNAL 002 compilation

After having just gushed over them last week, Sydney label ETERNAL have gone and proved exactly why they are one of the most fascinating purveyors of electronic goodness around.

Label of the Week

Label of the Week: Eternal

That which is ETERNAL is, by its nature, without beginning or end.


Ptwiggs reshapes gabber, techno and club on her free EP, ‘RIP’

Co-founder of Australian industrial club label, Eternal, and Sydney producer, PTWIGGS is the creator of some polarising tunes.


Corin, Ptwiggs and more give Grasps’ new banger, ‘ETERNAL GLOW’, a flip

A few months back GRASPS_ dropped ‘ETERNAL GLOW’, a stripped back, industrial-trap hitter that juxtaposed looped melodies with hissing synths.


Introducing Eternal: Ptwiggs and Grasps_’s new experimental label

PTWIGGS and GRASPS_ are both masters of crafting intensely specific soundscapes.


Grasps_ teams up with Ptwiggs and Wa?ste for the unrelenting ‘PRAYING WAITING’

Menacing, atmospheric and dense.

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Corin curated a playlist of producers who are breaking the mould

You’ve never heard great industrial production, unless you’ve heard CORIN‘s music.