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Jad & The Ladyboy ‘Left Hand Side’ (Dub Version) ft. Floria

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Sweat It Out family is absolutely chockers with some of the best in Australian dance music, and somehow, it just continues to get better and better.


CANT SAY Nile Rodgers After Party ft. Mitzi (DJ Set), Charles Murdoch & More

Instead of fearing waking up with Freddy’s hat in a tight grip this Friday the 13th, our Melbourne buddies at CANT SAY have decided to approach the occasion with a sleepless night that will see some very special acts take to the stage of Vault 8; not to mention hosting the official after party for Nile Rodgers‘.



CHOOKIE music’s newest production talent KLP from Sydney, Australia has just released her debut EP and a remix release containing adaptations from collaborator and label boss DCUP, JAMES CURD (DFA Records), TORNADO WALLACE, MITZI, NYC’s SAARID and more.


ALBUM REVIEW: Mitzi ‘Truly Alive’

Being a Brisbane-ite for the past year has taught a few things: 1.


WATCH: Mitzi ‘Truly Alive’ (Rehearsal Session)

MITZI productions tend to feature original vocals and a retro disco feel interlaced with upbeat modern synth – easy enough to bop along to without slowing it down too much and getting too serious.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Future Classic ‘Laneway Festival’ Mixtape

It’s a record label, touring agency, management group and now most recently a stage at Laneway Festival – the Future Classics collective will be bringing a taste of what’s new, well loved and home-grown to its own stage in 2013.



Something is happening in Brisbane.


LISTEN: Major Raiser ‘Let’s Band Together’

Today I have a treat for you that you will not only enjoy but will also leave you feeling good about yourself, unlike eating that chocolate coated ice cream infused caramel cake that left you feeling bloated, sweaty and just a little bit disgusted with yourself (or was that just me.


Major Raiser’s Music Outback Foundation Party

I love going to music gigs.


CAN’T SAY: Gung Ho & Ready To Go

By now you’re well versed with the CAN’T SAY boys and the magic they work in Melbourne, creating parties that punters line the streets for, and bands love to play.



A little sick of the Sydney festival scene.