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Dance Cult ‘Holographic’

DANCE CULT is the lovechild of two killer Australian-based producers.


CANT SAY ft. Love That Music Crew Invasion w/ Rob Pix, Dom Dolla, Mike Metro + More

Music, arts and events collective Love That Music are no strangers to the guises of the creative world.


CANT SAY Friday The 13th Grave Rave

Celebrate Halloween a couple of months early with the spooky team over at CANT SAY.


CANT SAY’s Love That Music Invasion ft. Swisher, Mike Metro + More

This week at CANT SAY, the control room key has been handed over to the dudes at LOVE THAT MUSIC, as they’ll be taking over the club’s antics this Friday night.


CAKES ft. Benson & Mike Metro

The World Bar is the place for all of your dance needs.