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Guest Mix

QUIX doesn’t hold back on this massive guest mix

Off the back of wrapping up a massive ten-date Australian tour over the last two months, New Zealand producer QUIX is just getting started.

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Reimagining RnB with west1ne on It Came From The Cloud

On this week’s edition of It Came From The Cloud we’re honing in on the fresh remixing skills of west1ne.

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Feel the ‘Vibrations’ with Montero on ‘Living Under A Rock’ on Purple Sneakers Radio

MONTERO’S most recent single, ‘Vibrations’, is the the sunny psych-pop at the centre of this edition of ‘Living Under A Rock’, the part of the Purple Sneakers show on FBi Radio that momentarily steps out of the club to highlight what’s good in the world of rock, pop, indie, and everything else.

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Challenging conventions with Enchufada on Talking Heads for Purple Sneakers Radio

Eradicating the parameters of conventional dance music, Portugal’s Enchufada is widening the ears of the penchant with their open-invitation to global electronica.

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GOD.DAMN.CHAN takes over NxWorries on ‘It Came From The Cloud’

This week’s edition of ‘IT CAME FROM THE CLOUD’ comes courtesy of the beatmaker supreme, GOD.

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Leaving Records leaving a mark, explored on Talking Heads for Purple Sneakers radio

Locating a magical power nestled in the binding of unconventional sounds and figures is what shapes the beauty of improvisation.

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CREO’s debut EP shines on ‘Living Under A Rock’ on Purple Sneakers Radio

‘Living Under A Rock’ is the segment on Purple Sneakers’ FBi Radio show that pops the club tunes on hold for a minute to catch a glimpse of the best up-and-coming rock, pop, and indie tunes – stuff that’s just not dance.

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DJ Earl and the world of footwork on ‘It Came From The Cloud’

This week on our regular radio segment entitled ‘It Came From The Cloud’ we’re delving deep into the world of footwork and juke music.

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Traversing the globe with Multi Culti for Talking Heads on Purple Sneakers radio


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Jarreau Vandal on It Came From The Cloud for PS Radio

Another week means more Soundcloud gems to dive into and we’re here to pick out the best tunes just for you.

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Dead Language brings his infectious pop to Living Under A Rock on Purple Sneakers Radio

Sydney artist Dominic Price, aka Dead Language, is the focus of the latest edition of Living Under A Rock, the cheeky segment of our show at FBi Radio that showcases the best and brightest in indie, rock, pop, and everything else that’s just not dance.

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DIY culture with TEEF Records on Talking Heads for Purple Sneakers Radio

If electronic music were a series of whimsical collages, TEEF RECORDS  would most definitely be its dutiful scrapbook.