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ARCA is in complete control on her new album, ‘KiCK i’

Trying to comprehend all of ARCA’s KiCK i is a task that truly will take a long time post-release.


Cecile Believe’s ‘Pick Up The Phone’ is a sleek pop song for a world needing connection

If you haven’t heard the name CECILE BELIEVE, you’ve probably heard her voice one way or another.


100 gecs tap Dorian Electra for latest remix cut, ‘gec 2 u’

If you aren’t already aboard the Gecs Train, this may not make a lot of sense to you.


Getting to know Dorian Electra: Popstar of The Future

There’s no simple way to explain Dorian Electra — and that’s kind of the point.


Sega Bodega teases his upcoming album with ‘Salv Goes to Hollywood’

This Valentine’s Day, don’t be lonely alone – plan to spend it with SEGA BODEGA’s debut album, Salvador, instead.


Cub Sport invite the world to their ‘Hawaiian Party’

It’s that time again where we chart the joyous ascent of CUB SPORT.


Shake, get shaken and be shook by SOPHIE’s debut ‘Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’

If you’ve been a long-term SOPHIE fan, then today –the release day of Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides– is a glorious day.


Habits assault your senses with new single ‘Selfie’

Only weeks after showcasing their emotionally raw piano version of previous single ‘SHAME/DESIRE’, HABITS deliver yet another integrally aggressive assault on your senses and sensibilities with ‘Selfie’.


Artists to Watch in 2018: Squidgenini

SQUIDGENINI has put out three singles now: ‘Fire’, ‘Alligator’ and the most recent ‘Watched By U’.


Artists to Watch in 2018: Golden Vessel

Do you actually need reminding that GOLDEN VESSEL is an artist to watch.


Style, the sky & self-expression: A conversation with Rovel Hagos

ROVEL HAGOS is one of those people who just needs an outlet.


The long-awaited image of Sophie in ‘It’s Okay To Cry’

SOPHIE has always been physically, and to a degree personally, separate from her music in a way that confused most.