Katie Rowley

British. Blonde. Beach-goer. She sounds awful, doesn’t she.


Wafia ‘XXIX’ EP

Christmas is around the corner, so it seems appropriate that we’re presented with not only her previously released track titled ‘Heartburn’ from WAFIA, but an entire EP too.


SPiON ‘Sunset’

SPiON’s shiny new track ‘Sunset’ presents itself as a bit of a European powerhouse dance number, full of big, bold sounds and rousing vocals.


IYES ‘Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd Cover)’

IYES, who’ve been putting out a stream of good new music recently, have thrown in a curve ball with a slinky cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’.


MIAMIGO ‘What I Want’ / ‘Last Summer’

The faintly exotic sounding MIAMIGO have sprung up out of nowhere.


Chrome Sparks ‘Parallelism’ EP

CHROME SPARKS was born in Squirrel Hill.


Movement ‘Lace’

Masters in low-fi electronica, MOVEMENT, are finally back with new material in the form of ‘Lace’, a teaser for the band’s forthcoming album.


Just A Gent ‘Heavy As A Heartbreak’

We’ve got some brash future bass beats from provincial Maitland courtesy of the very young Jacob Grant, aka JUST A GENT aka JAG.


Cleopold ‘Scarlett’

‘Scarlett’ is the new funked up track from Chet Faker’s fave, Cleopold.


Interview: Cuckoolander

A couple of weeks back we featured Holly Hardy, aka CUCKOOLANDER‘s, video for her new single ‘Mother Nature’.


Elohim ‘Xanax’ (Official Video)

A while back we premiered LA artist ELOHIM’s track ‘Xanax’ and now, better late than never, we’ve got the mysterious Internet-age official video.


Yeo ‘Icarus’ (Official Video)

YEO is a busy guy.


JARA ‘Embers’

JARA are a very new duo with a very new release.