Jessica Holton

Writing is my thing, I dress up as Bruce Springsteen to all themed parties. I can rap all of Dre 2001. I enjoy making breakfast meals, nighttime, large glasses of wine. What else..oh yeah, I like listening to disco tunes while I eat schnitzel.


Love & Other #AYearInLove Compilation

London based label LOVE & OTHER have your summer playlist sorted.

Artists To Watch

Artists To Watch In 2015: Raury

RAURY appears to be the alt-boy rapper of your wildest dreams.

Artists To Watch

Artists To Watch In 2015: Howson’s Groove

Hailing from the glorious United Kingdom, HOWSON’S GROOVE have been quietly stealing the hearts of Londoners for a while now.


Fresh Hex ‘Lemonade’

There is an undeniable allure about newcomer FRESH HEX that cannot be explained.

Soundcloud Wrap

SoundCloud Wrap: Poupon

Deep House lord and Canadian native, POUPON is determined to open your eyes to a world of lavish beats and dark bass.


Poupon ‘Fall Back’ EP

Canadian producer POUPON has released a fresh EP entitled ‘Fall Back’ which proves to be a masterclass in garage house aesthetics.


MUM @ The World Bar ft. Cln

The lovely people over at MUM @ THE WORLD BAR have your Friday night sorted.


TBC CLUB ft. Lewi McKirdy

THE TBC CLUB up in sunny Brisvegas isn’t pulling any punches when they say they want you to party.


CANT SAY ‘A Night With The Natives’ ft. Benson, Tranter & More

The folks at CANT SAY are bringing you an evening filled with the birds and the bees.

Soundcloud Wrap


Graeme Sinden aka one of London’s most favoured DJs and all round party starter SINDEN has shared with us his top Soundcloud picks for the week.



William Phillips AKA TOURIST is a London based producer who has just released his stunning EP ‘Patterns’.


Andy Bull ‘Talk Too Much’ (Ribongia Remix)

RIBONGIA is a Sydney based producer by way of Italy who is making waves at the moment.