Jackson Langford

One time Lana Del Rey pinched Jackson on the bum and therefore he's qualified to write about music.


No, NSW’s Wine Machine was not Fyre Fest 2.0

The current festival climate in NSW is a scary one, that’s for sure.


Regional fans need live music, too

NSW’s live music industry is under attack – that’s no secret.


Laneway Festival 2019 was a beautifully essential mix of party & politics

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival has always set itself apart from the pack.


Grow Your Own 2019 was a shining example of how one woman’s determination can unite an entire town

As your average music festival, both in Australia and overseas, grows rapidly into becoming a ‘once-in-a-lifetime, blockbuster’ event, it can be easy for us to lose sight of the roots of it all.


Field Day 2019 delivered the pop & hip-hop goodness that other festivals lack

For all intents and purposes, Field Day serves as the kick-off to Australia’s 2019 festival season.


Artists to Watch in 2019: BOLEYN

Navigating the world of contemporary electronic music can be a scary and daunting task on your first run.

PS Approved

PS Approved: What makes FOMO’s 2019 lineup so damn special

Year after year, the legends behind FOMO give us a festival unlike any other.


Homegrown talent dominated at This That 2018

This That entered 2018 on a weird trajectory, to say the least.


Oriental Cravings & Evangeline team up for monstrous banger, ‘Need You’

Sometimes, our bodies just crave a banger – it’s science.


Mountain Sounds unleashes absolutely massive 2019 lineup

With all the New Year period festival lineups being announced now, there was one more summer festival that NSW anxiously awaited – MOUNTAIN SOUNDS festival.


Class is well and truly in session with Triple One’s ‘Showoff’

It’s pretty hard to deny a star when you see one.


Tiana Khasi’s debut single ‘Nuketown’ is as honest as it is spellbinding

Releasing a debut single can be scary.