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Caught In Quarantine With The Naked And Famous

Just like the pavlova, Russell Crowe and one very savvy PM, indie electronic band THE NAKED AND FAMOUS is one New Zealand export that Australia would love to claim as their own.


FeelsClub and friends mix it up in SUB.ALT.GEN 01

No strangers to an epic party, Brisbane’s FEELSCLUB have upped their game with new remix release SUB.


Tom Iansek on writing #1 Dads’ newest album and the therapy of creative expression

#1 DADS was never intended to be such a big deal.


Sonny gets us into his ‘Ozone’ with stellar new single

He may be situated over in Copenhagen, but no distance can weaken our love for Aussie-native SONNY, and consequently his newest single, ‘Ozone’.


Relive your sad summer flings with ELLE’s new single, ‘Summer Baby’

Have you ever fallen in love with a ‘Summer Baby’.


Let KNOE take you to NYC with loved up single ‘Manhattan Summer’

Say goodbye to New York minutes and hello to New York two-and-a-half minutes because that is exactly what you’re getting from KNOE with his newest single, ‘Manhattan Summer’.


Tycho on longevity & new realms of expression

TYCHO, the Grammy nominated project of Californian Scott Hansen, is one act barely requiring an introduction.


Mildlife set The Zoo’s stage ablaze with their mesmerising live show

Melbourne-based groovesters MILDLIFE became possibly the chillest dudes in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley this past weekend, as they played their hybrid jazz-psych-disco tunes to an adoring crowd.


PREMIERE: Harry Fox reminds us why he’s in the game with ‘Destined’

Brisbane based producer HARRY FOX is back with new single ‘Destined’, following the release of his debut EP Circles at the end of 2018.


Lupa J shares her escapist fantasies with visuals for new single ‘The Crash’

Sydney based singer-songwriter and producer LUPA J might as well add director and actress to the list of simple nouns used to describe her with the release of the stunning video counterpart to her newest single ‘The Crash’.


Willaris. K serves a double helping of electronic mastery with new two-track release



“Going back to where we started”: Rudimental on music methodology, touring & the magic third album.

RUDIMENTAL are an act that need no introduction.