Adam Lofitis


LISTEN: Beach House ‘Saturn Song’

Dream pop act BEACH HOUSE have released their latest track ‘Saturn Song’ which will be part of ‘The Space Project’, a compilation album that was recorded using sounds from outer space (woaaah).


WATCH: Street Chant ‘Tear My Whole Face Off’ (Official Video)

“Tear My Whole Face Off” by New Zealand act STREET CHANT is right up my alley personally, but I’m bias being a huge indie rock fan.


LISTEN: Obey City ‘Take It Back’

If you’re looking chilled out jams, the slow methodical pace of Brooklyn based OBEY CITY‘s ‘Take It Back’ will satisfy your neo-psychcadelic needs.


LISTEN: Miami Horror ‘Real Slow’ (L D R U Remix)

L D R U’s remix of Melbourne psychedelic-dance group Miami Horrors’ single “Real Slow” is a synth driven track that has an identity on it’s own merits, while still keeping that Aus-tronica vibe.