About Us

Run by Managing Editor Caitlin Medcalf and founder Martin Novosel, the Purple Sneakers blog is one of Australia’s most prominent and influential niche music hubs – with the objective to air, share, publish and promote what they term ’emerging club music’ from around the world.

Based around a young and enthusiastic team of contributors, Purple Sneakers prides itself as being ‘Trusted for Taste’. Having initially been conceived as a way to make cash in order to fund a DIY record label, the story began at the now legendary Purple Sneakers club held in a sweaty little hole called The Abercrombie Hotel in Sydney. After booking hundreds of (now famous) bands and DJs across countless weekly and monthly parties in cities all over Australia, the Purple Sneakers team turned their attention to sharing great music across further platforms; by releasing compilations, touring as DJs, producing remixes and original tracks, launching the Purple Sneakers blog and broadcasting their weekly show on Sydney station FBi Radio.

Purple Sneakers DJs, (these days made up of Purple Sneakers Managing Editor/Radio Host Caitlin Medcalf, FBi Radio & Sittin’ Pretty’s Eddy Diamond & Purple Sneakers subeditor Holly O’Neill) have toured the globe and performed at just about every Australian festival there is to play.

The Purple Sneakers crew were asked in 2015 to join the brand new initiative of FBi Radio, a sister station by the name of FBi Click which was a solely digital station dedicated to dance music. In 2017, with Click wrapping things up, Purple Sneakers was asked to join the main station of FBi Radio to broadcast live for the first time ever, every Saturday evening. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Purple Sneakers has celebrated its 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th birthdays as an official part of Vivid Sydney, as well as a two-stage event as part of King St Crawl 2016 in Newtown, Sydney.

Whether they are writing about new music, sharing it over the airwaves, playing it in a DJ set, or giving it a live platform at their parties; the Purple Sneakers team are committed to imparting the work of tasteful, young artists with the world.

Image: Willaris. K at Purple Sneakers Eleventh Birthday by James Simpson