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FOMO Festival drops a lineup we’ve all been waiting for


Spotlight Artist

Get familiar with Teischa’s ‘Midnight Hour’ ahead of her East Coast shows

Each week, we select one artist to feature as our Spotlight Artist, and this week we’ve chosen┬áTEISCHA.


Brisbane producer Tabrill debuts euphoric single ‘Sans’

Let me tell you right now, there’s more to TABRILL than meets the eye.


Antony & Cleopatra drop futuristic new track ‘Dust’

You may have heard of ANTONY & CLEOPATRA quite a lot over the last few years.


Listen as Teischa commands you attention in the ‘Midnight Hour’

There are some people who just have a naturally enticing singing voice.


That’s Nice & La Felix have let July Child create a ‘Delicious’ remix of their latest track

You may have already heard That’s Nice and La Felix‘s collaborative release ‘Delicious’ over the last few weeks.


Midnight Pool Party can’t get enough of ‘This Love’

Everyone has been loving MIDNIGHT POOL PARTY‘S debut EP Dalliance.


Mazde is ‘Playing To Lose’ with his Lemaitre remix

Just so you know, this song isn’t actually bad.


Let Akurei take you up to the ‘Hinterland’

You may recognise Brisbane-based producer Connor Grant from the various musical projects he’s been involved with over the years.


PREMIERE: ‘Take Me’ to a place where James Dexter is always playing

If someone tells you that garage music is coming back, tell them to stop talking trollop because really, it never left.


It’s time to ‘Make Your Move’ with The Goods

Buckle your seat belts and prepare yourselves for a very smooth ride.


PREMIERE: Husky and Kadija Kamara are ‘Ready For Your Love’

HUSKY is on fire at the moment.