Beloved Sydney Pub Rebrands As ‘The Lord Gladsong Hotel’ For A Special Day Of Prayer

The Lord Gladstone Hotel

Amid consistent changes to public health orders, and controversial exemptions for Hillsong on restrictions regarding singing and dancing, popular Chippendale/Eora based pub The Lord Gladstone Hotel has found a new way to get spiritual punters through the door. 

Singing and dancing banned at indoor venues, except for church gatherings? Introducing the Gladsong Hotel – Sydney’s newest and most poppin’ religious institution! Ready for you to come confess your sins and be bathed in its holiest of water (Gladdy Lager on tap). 

“Sunday Service” is The Gladsong Hotel’s upcoming day of worship at the pub, happening Sunday, 23rd of January from 12pm. Featuring $15 Jugs of Holy Water (Gladdy Lager), $10 Bloody Lords and DJs in the courtyard all day.

Venue owner and manager Mitchell Crum vents his frustration, stating, “It’s been an absolutely frustrating period of time for all venue owners. Right now and over the past couple of years. Once again it feels like our leaders are leaving our poor struggling musicians and artists back in the darkness. Live music venues, musicians, pubs and clubs all across the state have been the hardest hit without any support or closure. I can’t say I’m terribly religious though I worship live music. Does that make us exempt?”

 If it is redemption you seek – The Gladsong Hotel welcomes you into the arms of The Lord, where singing and dancing is totally sweet. Praise The Lord.

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis


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