Hayley Mary breaks down her top five tracks to fall in love to

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Last week, Hayley Mary graced audiences with a surprise, 5 track EP, ‘Fall In Love’. The EP further tracks Mary’s incredible transition from acclaimed The Jezabels frontwoman to emphatic and truely singular solo artist. With the EP, she delivers a polished, contemporary take on feminine romanticism, which is equal parts self-aware and purposeful.

The tracks lead single and title track, is a dirty Motown-esque love song built for today’s world, featuring a clear knack for great lyricism, triumphant and uplifting production and a generally heartwarming sentiment.

On the track, Hayley Mary says, “I wanted to write a really straight-up feel-good love song about breaking up and making up. A couple of mates of mine were both newly single and I could tell they wanted to fall in love with each other a little bit, even if it wasn’t particularly wise. I found it cute so I wrote a song about it. Guess it’s just something anyone can relate to really. Who hasn’t been lonely and wanted to dive in and fall in love.”

The EP is a gorgeous reflection on not just the rosy introspection that comes with falling in love, but also features extremely thoughtful social commentary. From commenting on the homogenising nature of the music industry, to critiques of metro-centric ageist culture, the tracklist spans a unique insight into the songwriters incredible mind.

To get to know the EP better, we chat to Hayley Mary about the Top 5 tracks to fall in love to.

The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

The song that made me wanna be a singer, via the iconic pottery/sex scene in the movie ‘Ghost’. Unchained Melody also happens to be one of the greatest love songs of all time.

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je T’aime Moi Non Plus

Obsessed. Always have been. I remember my dad had this on vinyl and I asked him what it was about and he said, “that’s the great thing about the French, sometimes you don’t have to understand the words to know what it’s about.”

Roy Orbison – You Got It

I won’t lie. I’m actually a rather old fashioned romantic and the idea of a man just giving me everything I want and need is not unappealing these days. It’s probably the least en vogue thing a woman could possibly say, and, yet, there it is…Ha. It can be nice to feel taken care of sometimes. Also, I want to hug Roy Orbison so badly.

Belinda Carlisle – Summer Rain

I had a fling just after high school where we ranway to Sydney and this came on in Bar Broadway when we were playing pool and we danced and drank and danced some more. It was a rainy summer and always think of it when I hear this song. We were very young and it wouldn’t last, but sometimes those fleeting, and ultimately doomed loves still the real thing. Love doesn’t have to last forever to be worthwhile.

DMA’s – We’re Midnight

A bit of a personal one, and seriously high levels of public affection here, but If a guy you are seeing comes down from Sydney to Melbourne to see you and goes out for a smoke and comes back and says ‘I just wrote this song for you’, you kinda know you got a keeper. That’s what Johnny Took of DMA’S did when he wrote this song on my balcony 4 years ago. We’ve been together ever since.

Image via Marcus Coblyn

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis




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