Elsy Wameyo has shared her new single and video, ‘Nilotic’

elsy wameyo

Nairobi-born, Adelaide-based singer, rapper and producer, Elsy Wameyo today shares her newest single and video, “Nilotic”, released today via Music In Exile. Throughout her career, Wameyo has established her name as a vessel for her to embrace her belief and forge insightful wisdom via flawlessly executed soulful rhythms. Her work is entirely self produced, leading to a fusion of gospel and traditional sacred sounds.

Hailing from the Nilotic tribes of Kenya, Elsy proudly flaunts her identity with her latest release. A self-produced bass line and crisp shakers accompany her ferocious, intimate bars. With those bars, she utilises a profound energy as she tells a story of her spiritual journey, her perspective on the world and through it, tackles the notions of equity and societal structures. Alongside the single, Elsy Wameyo has released a music video directed by herself and award winning director, Richard Coburn.

Elsy Wameyo says of “Nilotic”: “In search of the missing link, I dug deep attempting to dismantle what the world had so cruelly constructed. With all my irritation, confusion and fury I began to write out a game plan. Claiming back what the enemy had stolen. Ota Benga. Trayvon Martin. George Floyd. My heart wept until it couldn’t anymore. But as I remembered our mothers, I didn’t dare to drop another tear. Who am I?”

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis


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