AHJU reimagines RITA BASS’ Apophenia with 90’s breaks and a whole heap of rave energy


Following the release of her debut double single, ‘Apophenia/Shaped Curve’, RITA BASS is set to release reimagined versions of the tracks, by some of the most adored names in Australian and international underground dance. You might be familiar with her work in fostering underground communities, having played live at countless events in Naarm/Melbourne, as well as featuring on the recent Unrestricted Purpose compilation and has produced a remix of VACATHETHEROOM’s “Do U Believe”. Now the focus turns to the remix compilation, set for release on the 3rd of December. Luckily, we have the first taste of the EP’s first single, AHJU’s reimagining of Apophenia, ahead of its official release tomorrow (5th of November).

In curating the project, BASS focussed on showcasing the incredible talent brought to the electronic world from exclusively female and gender-non-conforming producers, in order to, as stated by BASS act “as a rebellion against an electronic music landscape that is flooded with toxic masculinity and rejection of fem/gnc talent.” As a result, the project is extremely community focussed, one that creates an uplifting, political and energetic tone, without compromise in technical finesse. The resulting lineup features Xi’an-born and Toronto-based producer, pianist and DJ Ciel (Discwoman), Seoul-born and Toronto based experimental musician Korea Town Acid, Australia-wide known DJ/producer duo IN2STELLAR, Sydney-based producer AHJU and emerging creative producer Hyphira.

AHJU tackles their remix with high tier production class. Inspired by hard dance music of the late 90’s, they utilise a classic, rave breakbeat, a catchy top line melody and of course a bass heavy percussion run. From the original track, AHJU warps a distinct vocal sample, bringing the calm original into an energy demanding, expansive sonic territory. You can listen to the remix exclusively below before it’s official release tomorrow.

Image of Ahju via Capturecharles

Image of Rita Bass by Sarah Palmieri



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