Anna Lunoe combines with Genesis Owusu for new single, ‘Back Seat’

anna lunoe

Australian based legacy dance act Anna Lunoe has released her newest single, ‘Back Seat’, featuring the one and only, Genesis Owusu. Lunoe has solidified herself as one of the most trusted selectors and tastemakers in global dance music, having performed at the biggest festivals in the world including Lollapalooza, TomorrowWorld and Coachella, hosting danceXL radio on Apple Music all while breaking down barrier after barrier for non-male artists in electronic dance music spaces. The track is cowritten by Jack Glass, co-produced by DJ Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and also features Touch Sensitive on bass. What’s created is an all enveloping, infectious dance floor filler.

The track sees Anna Lunoe in more than fine form, pushing the boundaries of her creative vision and project. Lunoe provides dark yet danceable production, a four to the floor drum line combines beautifully with a wobbly bass line and eerie synths. Both the single’s electronic and live elements combine perfectly, to create an in your face, yet embracing strut worthy number. Genesis’ charismatic sound fits perfectly above the production, with his whispery vocal transforming and evolving from spoken word to full blown harmonies across the tracks run time.

The journey to create ‘Back Seat’ was not a linear one; Anna Lunoe explains: “Some songs I can finish alone in 2 days and some can take 2 years! This one was the latter.. I worked on it in 3 different houses across 2 continents, 4 studios (at least), I worked on parts of it with a few good friends and learned endless amounts while making it…. it unlocked a whole new layer in my production capabilities and everything I’ve made has been easier and better since.”

Words by Parry Tritsiniotis




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