DoloRRes breaks down his favourite music videos


DoloRRes is one of our favourite up and coming artists. Based in Naarm, the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist is creating music that is truely singular. Between touches of alternative hip hop, glimpses of electronica and experimental rock sits DoloRRes. After bursting onto the scene touring alongside future star Agungmango and Genesis Owusu, he’s released his long awaited, debut EP under DoloRRes, titled, ‘It’s All Happening Somewhere Else’.

The EP was created over a three year period, constantly tinkering with his sound to create a product that was holistic to his wide musical influences. The tracklist includes indie cuts, ‘How It Feels’ and ‘Subdivide’, bar and rap heavy cuts including, ‘Heelys’ and ‘Bitter Cold’ ft. Manny Müla & Savage The Girl) and a ballad number to see off the tracklist titled, ‘Overkill’. No track better describes his sound than ‘D.T.R’, an introspective and deeply emotional cut about communication in relationships. It’s slowly plucked guitar, inspired by Lauryn Hill’s ‘I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind’ sits perfectly underneath electronic percussion, pitched vocals and glitchy synths.

On the title ‘It’s All Happening Somewhere Else’, DoloRRes explains, “It always seems like I’m trying to be everywhere at once, trying to feel and do everything, do as much as possible, in less and less time. ONCE I GET IT, THERE’LL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER IT. SO HOW CAN I BE HERE? WHEN IT’S ALL HAPPENING SOMEWHERE ELSE.”

To get to know DoloRRes’ taste better, we asked him which music videos have inspired him most.

Bad Girls – M.I.A (2012) Dir. Roman Gavras
This is everything a music video should and could be to me. All the stunts are insane, every scene is so cinematic, this video is so epic. This is Ben Hur of music videos. This has always been my favourite music video since I first saw it. Lot of inspiration for Fluffy Dice obviously came from this, song and video

Stylo – Gorillaz (2010) Dir. Jamie Hewlett
So iconic, chase scene with Bruce Willis across the desert. The blend of Animation and Live Action in the classic Gorillaz way shines through the most on this video for their single off of Plastic Beach. I love the Mad Max influence on here, and the editing is fresh too. And how the ending then leads into the video for “On Melacholy Hill”, so dope. I also didn’t even know that Jamie Hewlett directed this until researching this list, so cool fact.

Protection – Massive Attack (1995) Dir. Michel Gondry
Michel Gondry is a fuckin genius. This video and all of his videos tbh are so creative and forward thinking and innovative. This guy thinks of the most insanely simple and effective special effects. I’m assuming they built a gigantic set for this one and shot the entire thing in one take. Just all the choreography and clever storytelling. Always a classic.

Pour Ceux – Mafia K’1 Fry (2002) Dir. Kourtrajmé Productions
My friend Adam showed me this video, it’s so fresh. This is the hardest rap video I have ever seen. All the fits are crazy and there’s so much gnarly shit going on. These guys brought out the whole block for this video, they even got the kebab shop man rapping. You have to watch this, it’s incredible.

D.T.R – DoloRRes (2021) Dir. Renee Kypriotis
Yes because we are that good. I worked with my best friend and director of all my music videos Renee Kypriotis on this and it’s the best video we’ve made together so far.  We drew a lot of inspiration and references from the work of Wong Kar-Wai, specifically Chungking Express and Fallen Angels. This was also our first time working with 16mm film which was eye-opening. So many people helped out shooting as well; lending us their car or their precious childhood toys, their time, their money, It was amazing. Can’t wait for the next one.





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